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Five fascinating GTA 5 characters that will live on in memory

GTA 5 provides one of the best gameplay experiences, and the characters have a major contribution to it. Rockstar Games included various prominent and side characters that beautifully play their roles in the plot. While the protagonists are usually the most influential characters in a video game, the other Grand Theft Auto 5 characters are equally popular.

This article lists five of the most interesting characters in GTA 5 that will never be forgotten by the player base.

Note: Some parts of this article are subjective and only reflect the writer's opinions.

Lamar Davis, Lazlow Jones, and three other most memorable characters in GTA 5

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1) Lamar Davis

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Lamar Davis is arguably one of the best characters that came out of GTA 5. He is a comic character who is a friend of Franklin Clinton and acts as an important side character in the plot. Many fans cite him as their favorite character in the 2013 title.

Lamar’s influence is also prevalent in Grand Theft Auto Online. He has been in the multiplayer game since the beginning and guides new players to kickstart their criminal journey. It is no surprise that many fans want Rockstar Games to bring him back in Grand Theft Auto 6.

2) Lester Crest

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Lester Crest is one of the most intelligent criminals ever seen in a GTA game. He is a computer expert and a hacker who can access any kind of database within minutes. He keeps track of all his friends and enemies, which shows his superior level of thinking and life skills.

Despite being partially crippled, Lester Crest committed various crimes on his own and also helped others to accomplish their goals. He is also very active in Grand Theft Auto Online.

While he started as a reasonably wealthy criminal in GTA 5, in 2019, he revealed that he has more money than he could ever spend. This shows how Lester conquered his disability through his intelligence and skills.

3) Lazlow Jones

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Lazlow Jones is a hidden gem not only in GTA 5 but in the entire Grand Theft Auto series. While other characters have different voice actors, Lazlow's character is played by Jeffrey Crawford "Lazlow" Jones himself. Many players are also unaware that this character has been a part of the franchise since Grand Theft Auto 3.

He is a comic character who openly talks about his insecurities. Whether it is in person or on the radio, Lazlow Jones can always be seen trying hard to get recognition from the public. While he is expected to be in the upcoming game, various reports previously stated that Jeffrey has left the studio.

4) Devin Weston

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Devin Weston is one of the most despised characters in GTA 5. He is the main antagonist of the game, who does various unforgivable things to all three protagonists. Even though he debuted much later in the plot, the character managed to gain players’ attention in no time.

Devin Weston is a billionaire and a fraud who uses other people to make his fortune. He manipulated and terrorized the GTA 5 protagonists, especially Michael De Santa and Franklin Clinton, and accomplished his goals without giving them their deserved wages. Devin is the one who indirectly threatened to kill Franklin, which shaped the ending of the game’s plot.

5) Steve Haines

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Steve Haines is a corrupt FIB agent who is also one of the antagonists in the game. He is a power-hungry person who goes to any limits to accomplish his goals. Although most players despise him, he is still one of the most remarkable characters in GTA 5.

Despite being a part of law enforcement, Steve Haines is associated with various crimes. He does not even hesitate to shoot himself to maintain his heroic image in front of the public.

The death of Steve Haines is a non-canon event. However, many players prefer to kill him through the “The Third Way” option in the finale.

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