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We’re looking forward to welcoming Cryptowatch users to experience the advanced trading capabilities of the new Kraken Pro interface. Built to cater to the most discerning traders, Kraken Pro isn’t just a spot trading platform – it enables margin and futures trading, as well as staking options, broadening the scope of your crypto trading strategies.

At its core, Kraken Pro offers robust and dependable trading infrastructure. Our institutional-grade performance means you can depend on high throughput, low latency, and minimal downtime. With speed and stability that stands out in the crypto space, it’s engineered for optimal execution.

Kraken Pro traders can recreate a classic Cryptowatch layout; find out how here.

Cryptowatch users will find the interface both familiar and comfortable. We are dedicating resources to building and growing this powerful experience — our commitment to providing the premier crypto trading experience in the market.

As we focus our attention and resources on enhancing Kraken’s core range of products and services, Cryptowatch Web, Desktop and Mobile products will sunset. This includes Cryptowatch Social and Cryptowatch API.

When will Cryptowatch wind down? 

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  • On August 1, 2023, we will stop new and existing Cryptowatch subscriptions
  • On Sept. 30, 2023, we’ll discontinue Cryptowatch Desktop, Mobile, and Web
  • After Sept. 30, 2023, we’ll refund any outstanding purchased credit to Cryptowatch users with balances on the platform

Thank you, Cryptowatch clients

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Kraken acquired Cryptowatch in 2017. Since then, we built Cryptowatch into a leading charting and trading platform for cryptocurrency markets. It’s been a privilege to operate a go-to destination for crypto traders around the world.

Along the way, we’ve learned which features and trading functionalities clients get the most value from. Moving forward, we’ll integrate some of the best Cryptowatch technology into Kraken products.

Cryptowatch users, thank you for your support and feedback over the years. We’re proud of the dedicated community of users we brought together and we’re excited to continue with you on the next step of your trading journey.